Moving to CraftCMS

Cory Pratt

After a couple years of the same old stale Wordpress site I used here, I decided it was time for a little refresh that would inspire me to be more consistent with posting new additions to my portfolio as well as blog posts. I thought, why not try out this thing called CraftCMS I've been hearing so much about.

About Craft

The folks at Craft simply say:

Craft is a content management system designed to do one thing really well: manage content. No cruft, no bloat, no hassles.

And I could not agree more. With Craft I do not have to take an assumed content type and add untold modifications to get the format I want. Instead I can build exactly what I want, how I want, and keep everything in a maintainable and scalable structure. The dev's at Craft have built an amazingly powerful and robust system for managing content, similar to using ACF for building Wordpress templates.

Craft uses a template engine called Twig which aside from a small learning curve, is awesome. It's similar to Liquid if you've worked with Shopify and is relatively easy to pick up and has good documentation. There are A LOT of features that I haven't even began to scratch the surface of yet.

What about plugins?

Good question, and still something that is of a little concern for potential client sites. There is a fairly robust and growing list of plugins housed at Straight Up Craft that I intend to dig into more.

I'm in love

So far, I love Craft and am eagerly waiting to find a good fit for the next client. I honestly believe clients will love how they will be able to manage their content in a way that is both powerful AND intuitive.